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The JWExPod is a conversation between a curious man and interesting people. Episodes come out every Monday and are available on iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Addict & YouTube. 

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Feb 7, 2020

I had a great chat with author and friend JD Mihopulos. We discuss what it was like living abroad in Thailand before getting into a great conversation about the metaphysical and his books. How the Gods built their houses volume 1 and 2. A collection of short stories inspired by the author's dreams, visions, and life experiences which dive deep into the metaphysical ground of being itself, exploring spiritual truths, revelations, and mysteries that cannot be quantified or reproduced. Stylistically, the stories vary from third- and first-person accounts, parables, and some unexpected gimmickry for effect. Look carefully and you may even discover an underlying narrative which attempts to answer the ultimate question; what is existence?